Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Lab: February, 2020

It turns out that The Lab will be presenting a run of three concerts this month, all of which will address adventurous approaches to making music. The first of these, a two-set evening, has already been reported as part of an article accounting for the coming busy weekend. However, in the interest of providing a comprehensive summary, that event will be briefly summarized below, along with the specifics for the other two concerts.

For those who do not already know, The Lab is in the Mission at 2948 16th Street. This is a short walk from the corner of Mission Street. The location is particularly good for those using public transportation, since that corner provides bus stops for both north-south and east-west travel as well as a BART station. All concerts will begin at 8 p.m., and doors will open at 7:30 p.m. It is usually the case that a long line has accumulated before then. Specific dates are as follows:

Saturday, February 8: The previously reported two-set evening will be shared by cellist, vocalist, and composer Theresa Wong and the DunkelpeK duo of percussionist Nava Dunkelman and guitarist Jakob Pek.

Saturday, February 15: This program will also present two performers, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumental electronic musician, and multimedia artist Christina Wheeler and vocalist, composer, and improviser Rodolfo Córdova. Each will present a solo set, and the program will conclude with a duo collaboration. Wheeler’s solo will be a single composition in three parts entitled “Tres Es un Número Mágico [three is a magic number]: Kaleidoscopic Triptychs.” The organization of the performance will involve chance order and direction determined by the audience. Wheeler’s resources will include voice, electric mbira, electric autoharp, Q-Chord, delay loops, and electronic effects processing. Córdova’s work explores intersections with literature and visual arts, and his past performing experiences have included The Art Ensemble of Chicago. The admission charge is free for members of The Lab, and general admission will be $15 for all others. Online registration is highly recommended using the above hyperlinks for the different categories of tickets (including those that are free).

Thursday, February 20: The final concert will be a duo project created by Oren Ambarchi and crys cole. Ambarchi is an Australian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and musical polymath. cole is a Canadian sound artist working in composition, improvised performance, and sound installation. Their approach to duo performance is an effort to reimagine electro-acoustic resources, not simply as “abstract” sound, but with the literary qualities of a diary, a love poem, or a dream. The admission charge is free for members of The Lab, and general admission will be $18 for all others.

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