Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interest in Local Talent

As I continue to try to make sense out of the numbers that Google Analytics feeds me about the articles I write for, one thing that strikes me is that, at least here in San Francisco, there is a significant amount of interest in local talent.  Thus, I was not prepared for the surge of attention that arose in response to my covering the performance by Symphony Parnassus that took place exactly a week ago.  Even more interesting, however, was the “rapid response” to my piece on yesterday afternoon’s MusicSources recital within hours of its having been posted.  This would have been the second time I was aware of attention for one of my early music pieces.  (The first time seems to have been the result of a Facebook effect;”  this time I am not so sure.)

I would like to believe that this offers some evidence that San Francisco listeners have a genuine interest in events that depart from the mainstream.  Indeed, even the San Francisco Conservatory of Music may now have established itself as a mainstream organization.  (I just noticed that the Faculty Artists Series recital I am attending this afternoon has sold out all of its tickets.)  I am sure that these lesser-known organizations have their support groups;  but, if the members of these support groups are taking the time to read about the concerts (even if the reading matter lacks the imprimatur of the San Francisco Chronicle), then support seems to go beyond just making donations and buying tickets.  It involves a higher level of interest in just what is happening on the stage, which means that San Francisco provides a robust community for those who take their listening seriously.

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