Friday, March 9, 2007


Last night the BBC also ran a report about Operation Vigilant Sentry, which they described as "a huge exercise in Florida in preparation for a possible mass exodus from Cuba in the event of the death of Fidel Castro." As we now know, thanks to just about every source (including Jane Sutton at Reuters), the exodus already seems to have begun (or continued) and took place during the exercise:

Boaters dropped off 21 Cuban migrants at a popular nudist beach and left 19 others on another beach a few hours later, the Border Patrol said. Both vessels escaped.

Border Patrol spokesman Steve McDonald got stuck with "spin" duty:

"We're not embarrassed at all," McDonald said. "It's not uncommon for them (Cubans) to have landings."

So, will there be a "lessons learned" session at the end of the exercise; and will the press be invited?

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