Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Monday Make-Out: April, 2019

Readers probably know by now that I usually rely on the BayImproviser Calendar to provide information about the Monday Make-Out sessions at the Make Out Room. However, next month will be special enough to anticipate the usual listings of these sessions in Bleeding Edge articles. This is because next month will mark the tenth anniversary of Monday Make-Out Sessions. This landmark occasion will be celebrated by holding two concerts during the month of April (both on a Monday evening), instead of just one.

For both of these concerts, doors will open at 8 p.m., and the music starts half an hour later. The Make Out Room is located at 3225 22nd Street in the Mission, near the southwest corner of Mission Street. The Make Out Room is a bar. That means that tickets are not sold, nor is there a cover charge. Nevertheless, a metaphorical hat is passed between sets; and all donations are accepted, not to mention welcome! The dates and performers for next month’s events, both of which will be three-set programs, will be as follows:

April 1: The opening set will amount of a sort of “duel” between improvising duos. On one “side” will be the return of duoB (Lisa Mezzacappa on bass and Jason Levis on drums), who performed a mind-blowing transcription of Cecil Taylor when they visited the Make Out Room in September of 2017. The other “side” will be the wind duo of Phillip Greenlief and Cory Wright. Wright will then stick around for the second set, playing saxophones for the Song & Dance Trio along with Karl Evangelista on guitar and Jordan Glenn on drums. The final set will be taken by clarinetist Ben Goldberg leading a large group he calls Brainchild, whose members have not yet been announced.

April 22: The opening set will be free jazz by Rent Romus’ Life’s Blood Ensemble. Romus leads from his alto saxophone and is also responsible for the compositions. The other members of the group at Heikki Koskinen on both electric trumpet and recorder, Joshua Marshall on tenor saxophone, Mark Clifford on vibraphone, Timothy Orr on drums, and two bass players, Safa Shokrai and Max Judelson. The second set will be taken by Disappear Incompletely, led by trombonist Rob Ewing, who has prepared modern jazz treatments of Radiohead tracks. Ewing is joined on the front line by two saxophonists, Raffi Garabedian on tenor and Patrick Cress on baritone. Rhythm will be provided by Ryan Pate on guitar, Steve Blum on keyboards, Jaime Moore on drums, and Joe Bagale on bass, also providing vocals. The final set will be taken by Dillon Vado’s Never Weather, with drummer Vado leading performances of his own original modern jazz compositions. His front line consists of Aaron Wolf on saxophone and Josh Reed on trumpet; and he is joined for rhythm by Justin Rock on guitar and Tyler Harlow on bass.