Friday, April 27, 2007

On the Logic of the "System"

I have never expected to make any money off of blogging. Presented with the prospect of signing up with AdSense, I basically applied chicken-soup-logic: I could not see any reason why it could hurt. I have had a bit of exposure to processes like keyword auctions, so I was kind of curious as to what the system would do with me. These days I am trying to engage my text analysis skills to figure out why the ad I keep seeing on my home page is a link to! My working hypothesis is that this is driven by my tag list, which happens to have entries like "discrimination" and "intolerance." I like this. I feel it is important to bring acts of discrimination and intolerance to light, lest we delude ourselves into thinking that they are things of the past; and, as a result, I am likely to be sympathetic to any organization that has decided to bid on either of those keywords!

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