Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everything I Learned about the Economy Came from the Sports Page

Senator Charles Grassley may be disposed to speak of economic recovery in terms of chickens and eggs; but, now that globalization has been shoved down our throats, whether we wanted it or not, it seems more appropriate to think of the international markets as bases on an enormous baseball diamond. Think of it his way: The mortgage industry connects with a sinker resulting in a ground ball hit directly to the shortstop (Tinker in America), who easily fields it and tosses it to second base (Evers in Asia), who forces out the runner from first base with plenty of time to then throw to first base (Chance in Europe), thus completing a double play (with apologies to Franklin Pierce Adams). Think of the batter (and the man on base) as being on our "home team;" and think of the financial markets as our opponents, who only win when we lose. With that kind of metaphor, what need have we for the barnyard economics of a Republican senator from Iowa?

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