Thursday, June 10, 2010

Of Soiled Pots and Kettles

According to a story filed by Financial Times reporters Jean Eaglesham and Michael Hunter, the general United Kingdom industrial sector, rather than just BP, has declared yesterday's "ultimatum" from the Obama Administration to be "inappropriate." I found myself thinking immediately of BP's significant (to say the least) investment in advertising slots on American network television in order to air one of the most slickly produced apologies in television history. Was that "appropriate?" It turned out to be blood in the water for American journalists, who almost immediately went to Gulf Coast residents for their reactions. As reported through the media, there was general agreement by way of response: Shouldn't BP be putting its money into solving the problem rather than buying television commercials? Reporting from Kabul for the same Financial Times article, Matthew Green reported that Prime Minister David Cameron "completely understood US frustration." My guess is that he is more clued in to American sentiment than the British equivalent of Wall Street is; and, for now at least, he seems to know enough to refrain from making reckless accusations.

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