Friday, September 3, 2010

Truth, Lies, and MPAA Ratings

In his review of The Tillman Story for today's San Francisco Chronicle, Mick LaSalle applies the usual lexical manipulation to maintain standards of decency (sic) while capturing the tone of Richard Tillman, Pat Tillman's youngest brother, in his efforts to thwart the efforts of the powers that be to turn a Tillman memorial service into an affair of propaganda of the worst kind. Knowing that most (all?) of us would immediately recognize the words that Richard actually used, LaSalle wrote a masterful coda for his review:

By the way, "The Tillman Story" has an R rating because of language. Think about that one, too: Lies are rated G and can be heard around the clock on television, but try saying the truth with the proper force and you end up with a restricted audience.

I can think of no better nutshell description of just how the consciousness industry does its stuff, not to mention a reminder of just how hard any of us have to work to get a signal that is free of the noise imposed by said consciousness industry.

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