Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Digital Life Imitates Art (if you want to call it that)

Many years ago when Public Television had at least somewhat higher standards, they showed a not-terribly-good film called Overdrawn at the Memory Bank about what happens to a guy who spends all of his “work” time at his desk watching Casablanca on his computer screen.  Well, if things go according to plan, life may well be imitating art.  According to Dan Whitworth, Technology Reporter for Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1, you will soon be able to use your Facebook credits to watch Warner Brothers movies on a 48-hour rental for video-on-demand.  Whitworth reported that the project would be rolled out with Batman:  The Dark Knight;  but Casablanca may well be the most famous Warner film, at least in black-and-white.  (Why do you think Bugs Bunny had the rights to sing “As Time Goes By” in his Looney Tunes appearances?)  Whether this will be a greater menace to productivity than playing games remains to be seen!

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