Friday, December 2, 2011

Did YouTube Change?

I had to read the report on the BBC News Web site in order to learn that YouTube (or I suppose it would be more accurate to say “Google”) had redesigned its Web site.  I also got to read the BBC account of how the change was received:

Around 17 hours after an official "Get More Into YouTube" clip explaining the move went live, 6,703 members had clicked the "dislike" button compared to 2,280 who had clicked "like".

Well, I never knew the clip existed;  and any changes I experienced seemed like minor cosmetic ones.  Why?  Because almost everything I want from YouTube I find through search, either my Firefox search bar or for a Google search where I decide to view Videos.

The BBC story also included the following sentence:

The site's owner, Google, has posted a blog saying that the new design was "focused on helping you discover a broader range of entertainment", but said there might be "further tweaks" depending on members' feedback.

Anyone who follows me either here or on should know by now that I really do not need “a broader range of entertainment.”  I can barely manage my current range!  My guess is that this is part of Google’s designs on taking over television viewing habits and ruling the roost with their own television service.  Given the current like-dislike vote, I would think that they may need to reexamine their long-range plans!  At least I can appreciate the irony that Google’s own search tool may be the greatest enemy of the new YouTube design.

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