Friday, June 29, 2012

Fox Doesn’t Know What a Fact Is!

As Brian Stelter reported in this morning’s New York Times, both CNN and Fox initially misreported yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on the mandate for individual health care. Here is how he described the situation over at Fox:
“The mandate is gone,” Shannon Bream, a Fox News correspondent, announced at 10:08 a.m. as a graphic flashed on the screen that called it unconstitutional. A moment later, one of the Fox anchors, Megyn Kelly, cautioned that Ms. Bream might be wrong.
 “We’re getting conflicting information,” Ms. Kelly said, while reading from Scotusblog, an authoritative Web site about the court. Citing the blog, she accurately told viewers that “the individual mandate is surviving as a tax.”
Far more interesting, however, was the statement issues by Fox executive Michael Clemente:
Fox reported the facts as they came in.
Clemente apparently does not know the difference between a proposition (whose authenticity may not yet have been established) and a fact. If this is, indeed, the “view from the top,” then it may be time for this channel to change its name to “Fox Fiction!”

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