Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Pleasantly Surprising “Opera Bump”

Having recently written about the “opera bump” effect on my page view numbers, as observed through Google Analytics, following my article about the Grand Finale of the Merola Opera Program, I was pleases to see the same effect kick in on my national page in a slightly unanticipated way. I say “slightly unanticipated” because the article really had nothing to do with opera. However, it did involve a visit by both conductor Nicola Luisotti (Music Director of the San Francisco Opera) and soprano Leah Crocetto, previously an Adler Fellow with the San Francisco Opera, to the Berlin Philharmonie, for a performance that I decided to attend and review “virtually” through the archives of the Digital Concert Hall. Crocetto was Luisotti’s soprano soloist for his interpretation of Francis Poulenc’s setting of the Gloria text from the Mass, which he performed along with an account of Sergei Prokofiev’s Opus 100 symphony in B-flat major (his fifth).

Because of the backgrounds of these two performers, I included “Opera” in the Related Topics list I am supposed to provide for each of my articles; and that seems to have given the Page View Gods reason enough to smile on me!

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