Sunday, June 9, 2013

Living in BART Oblivion

According to a story by Thomas Peele and Daniel J. Willis that appeared on, former BART General Manager, Dorothy Dugger, managed to arrange an ongoing payout of her severance deal that resulted in earning more money ($333,000) in 2012 than her replacement ($316,000). For many this will probably be the substance of the report. However, I suspect that the real story lies in the reactions of James Fong, a BART board member instrumental in Dugger's removal. Apparently, it did not take much effort from Peele and Willis to harvest a few gems from Fong's reaction to their finding, beginning with:
She was still on the payroll? I did not know this. It's startling.
Not realizing that is foot was already in his mouth, Fong then followed up with:
We never think about these very critical and important little things.
I wonder how the rest of the BART board thinks about his use of first person plural there. One possibility is that they will not think about it, allowing Fong to shine with prescient accuracy. At the very least, however, those of us who use BART might be wondering that the Board does think about in the course of doing its job. Enquiring minds want to know!

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