Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ellison's Empire Puts Out More Flags

So Oracle Team USA won the America's Cup. They did so in the most dramatic manner possible, attracting the attention even of Al Jazeera America, which even decided that the story had more news value over the budget debate (if you wish to dignify it with that noun) in Congress. One might think that this will put an end to the ballyhoo, but it will probably only strengthen the annual fanatic madness that is Oracle OpenWorld. (I am more jaundiced about this ego-fest than usual this year. My wife and I got stuck in a traffic jam on Saturday caused by all the preparations for this Circus Maximus while trying to get to Central Computers to replace a dead backup server.) So I guess we shall all have to wait for this week to drag to its end before any faint signs of normality return.

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