Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Discontent Rewarded

At the beginning of this month I tried to explain why I had been so grumpy in my Examiner.com article about the recently announced GRAMMY nominations. At the time I thought I was just coping with my own discontentedness; but, after checking in with Google Analytics, I discovered that this was one of the most popular articles I had written in some time on my national site! Apparently, I was not alone in feeing so grumpy.

Trying to put a positive spin on a negative situation, I then wrote my own end-of-year article giving my own opinions on the new recordings of 2014 that were worthy of attention (only one of which made the GRAMMY cut). According to this morning's Google Analytics, readership for this one is climbing up to that of my grousing about the GRAMMY nominations. Apparently, there is a base of listeners out there who are more interested in whether a recording has satisfying content than in whether it is (or has the potential to be) a "best seller."

Perhaps we can start a movement and rally behind the slogan, "Give music back to the music-lovers!"

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