Thursday, February 5, 2015

Entertainment in Exile?

I like to took at the Google Analytics Location page for my national site on The results are rarely very surprising. It almost involves the heaviest concentration in the Bay Area with New York usually running in second place. This morning, however, the map displayed a big circle marked "(not set)" off the west coast of Africa. The resolution on that map is not very good; but, if memory serves correctly, the circle seems to be centered on Saint Helena. I remember the BBC running a story about the fact that this island did not even have an airport but that one was in the works. Current date of completion is in 2016. Still telecommunications is easier to provide than air transport; and, if my scribbling is amusing some small sector of this insular community, then I guess I can feel some satisfaction in knowing that. I guess I just have to be careful what I say about Napoleon!

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