Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Chamber Music Society of San Francisco will Play at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church

This is a bit of a last-minute announcement. However, I just received word that the Chamber Music Society of San Francisco (which is the string quartet of violinists Jory Fankuchen and Natasha Makhijani, violist Clio Tilton, and cellist Samsun van Loon) will be performing in San Francisco on Saturday. They will be appearing with pianist Keisuke Nakagoshi as guest artist, who will join them in a performance of César Franck’s piano quintet in F minor, which is as notable of piece of chamber music as is his A major violin sonata. In addition, the quartet will perform Joseph Haydn’s Hoboken III/76 quartet in D minor, the second of the Opus 76 quartets that he dedicated to József Erdődy. It has been given the name “Quinten” because of its motif in falling fifths, which is well suited to the darkness of the D minor key.

This concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday, October 22. It will take place at Holy Innocent’s Episcopal Church, which is located in the Mission at 455 Fair Oaks Street. Ticket prices are $25, $20, and $15, with a $5 rate for those aged eighteen and under. There will be open seating in different areas of the sanctuary corresponding to the different price levels. Tickets may be purchased online in advance through an Eventbrite event page.

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