Friday, February 23, 2007

Wikipedia Strikes Again (and Fuzzy Strikes Back)?

One would have thought that Wikipedia would have learned a thing or two in the wake of the bad news surrounding the Seigenthaler mess, the less-than-good-humored ribbing and response in exchange with Stephen Colbert, and the Onion story from last August. Unfortunately, the only response seems to have been some verbal pap from Jimmy Wales about the need for "really smart people," revealing what may have been willful ignorance of the role that editing plays in the preparation of information content for the general public. Well, history is repeating itself; and, at least as far as Fuzzy Zoeller is concerned, it is definitely not farce on this cycle. Apparently, his Wikipedia page has been hacked and now accuses him of a variety of abusive practices; and Zoeller is doing his best to track down the source of the hack and remedy the situation. Unfortunately, as The Smoking Gun has observed, in the world that the Internet has made, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get the genie back into the bottle:

In fact, a mirrored version of the vandalized Wikipedia page can still be found on the web site

It is all very well and good to try to be a critical reader, but sometimes it feels as if the very sources you try to use are out to undermine you!

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