Friday, July 22, 2011

Demagoguery Prevails

If there was any doubt that Grover Norquist is the “new age boss” of American politics, the “agreement” between Barack Obama and John Boehner should have sealed the deal.  This purported agreement contains no specific language of revenue from taxes (particularly from the rich) in any foreseeable time frame.  If this is what it takes to increase the debt ceiling, then there is good reason for those who rate bonds to make good on their threats about downgrading the quality of our debt.

The good news is that this agreement may have unified Democratic opposition in ways seldom seen in the history of that Party.  At the very least, they know that they have a lot of public support for what they do, particularly since the rich are more and more of a minority.  However, the whole thing about the “boss system” is that the will of the boss always trumps the will of the people;  and the will of the boss lies with those who pay him.  Apparently, it is cheaper for the rich to buy off a boss than to pay their fair share of taxes.

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