Sunday, July 31, 2011


Whatever I may have said in the past about technology insulating us from reality, I have to confess that sometimes that insulation can be beneficial.  This is particularly the case during long stretches of travel in an enclosed space.  I therefore find it interesting that buses have followed the lead of the airlines in providing diversionary entertainment;  and I am impressed that the stretch between Portland, Maine and Logan International Airport in Boston provides Wi-Fi, as well as audio channels and a movie (which, on this particular occasion, as I am writing this text, is doing a great job of reminding my why I avoid movie houses these days).

I have never been able to read on a bus without getting nauseous.  Nevertheless, I seem to have no trouble with a keyboard.  Mind you, an audio channel with Sunday-appropriate Bach probably helps matters along.  The result is that I do not have to worry about extraneous noises (which were particularly well masked on the flight from San Francisco to Boston, which had to contend with the proverbial infant-from-Hell problem).  The situation is sufficiently calming that I can even appreciate the scenery as this bus contends with frost heaves from last winter that were never repaired.  I suppose I shall just have to join the spirit of the age that surrounds me and admit that, at least in some circumstances, reality may be severely overrated!

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