Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farewell, Firefox

I never made an explicit New Year’s resolution to bail on Firefox in 2012.  I just realized that, while most of the other software I have been using has been catching up with all the monkey wrenches thrown at them by Lion, Firefox was the one piece of software that was really failing to play an adequate recovery game.  I liked the fact that it was the only browser that allowed me to save a Web page in a useful text form, but the Safari Page Source option for such saving is a viable alternative, even if the format is HTML.  (Text search seems to work just as well on my newly-created HTML files as it did on the old raw text ones, and the file size overhead does not seem to be too onerous.)  I am now half a day into the transition, and the speed bumps I have encountered have been minimal.  With any luck the folks at Apple will take better care of maintaining Safari than they have done with OS X!

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