Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Most Memorable Muppet Moment

Since today’s London Telegraph decided to compile an image gallery of the Muppets with their most famous co-stars, I figured this was a good time to exercise my own memory.  I have to say that, while I was never one of his most rabid fans, the Muppet Show broadcast I remember most featured Jean-Pierre Rampal as guest.  While he was a good sport in Pied Piper costume in a bit where he saves the Muppet rats from a plague of children, the highlight of the show had to be his accompanying Miss Piggy (along with Rowlf the Dog on piano) in a performance of Henry Bishop’s “Lo, Hear the Gentle Lark” with Piggy in her best Florence Foster Jenkins form.  This can still be enjoyed on YouTube, and it is three minutes of time that deserves to be remembered forever.

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