Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short-Lived Lion?

The Associated Press report from Peter Svensson was one of the first to catch my attention this morning:

Apple Inc. on Thursday released a developer preview of an update for the Mac operating system, dubbed "Mountain Lion," that will copy more features and apps from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac.

This strikes me as the strongest possible confirmation of what Ted Landau has called the “iOS-ification” of Mac OS, which pretty much seems to be to the detriment of those of us still working at desktops or on laptops.  It also means that Lion was one of the shortest-lived (if not the shortest-lived releases of an operating system in the history of the Mac).  I would like to take this to mean that Apple has admitted just how badly Lion screwed the pooch, even if they are claiming to keep up with mobile features for surface appearances.  Of course this is no guarantee that all the things that work poorly in Lion (if they work at all) will be overhauled in the interest of a more reliable operating system;  but at least the implicit message is there that Lion has been accorded FUBAR status.

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