Thursday, November 22, 2012

They Still Do Things Big in Texas

This is one of those grim stories about how bigger is not always better. According to a BBC News report, dense fog on Interstate 10 in Texas resulted in a 100-vehicle pile-up in which a man and woman were killed when their vehicle was crushed by a tractor trailer. It is no coincidence that this should occur on a day of the year when travel is at its heaviest. I suspect also that all of those families getting from here to there for the sake of having a good time did not expect that roads would also be crowded with commercial traffic, but the photograph accompanying this report shows just how wrong that assumption was. Nevertheless, I am sure that none of this will put a dent in the day's television commercials showing free-spirited individuals and families tooling down the open road in their overly-large vehicles. In another world today's disaster might serve as a reality check, but our world is one in which the pursuit of happiness has become the pursuit of happiness through consumerism.

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