Friday, January 18, 2013

Does TREME Need a Script for Another Season?

This morning BBC News broke the following story about Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans during the Katrina crisis:
Mr Nagin, 56, is accused of using his office for personal gain and of accepting bribes and other illicit gratuities while the city of New Orleans reeled in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  
According to the federal indictment, Mr Nagin accepted more than $160,000 (£100,000) in bribes for his family business.
In exchange, Mr Nagin allegedly helped local businessman Frank Fradella secure millions of dollars in contracts from the city in the wake of Katrina.
Mr Nagin is also charged with accepting payoffs worth at least $60,000 from another businessman, Rodney Williams, who was given contracts for engineering, management and architectural work in the city.
Fradella and Williams have already pleaded guilty in connection with the case.
Since David Simon is a former journalist, we can expect that he knows a good story when he sees one. This one should fit nicely into the plot line for Treme that he has already developed!

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