Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Kentucky Celebrating Vulgarity?

According to a BBC News Magazine article by Jon Kelly, the state of Kentucky wants to change its motto from "Unbridled Spirit" to "Kentucky Kicks Ass." Kelly then goes on at considerable length as to whether or not this constitutes unacceptable profanity. I therefore need to raise my favorite reference point on this matter. When the Metropolitan Opera did their HD broadcast of Salome, the lead was taken by Karita Mattila. Having seen her at an Opera Insight panel for a San Francisco Opera production, I know that she is outspoken to the point of not allowing anyone else a word edgewise. However, she made it a point to stay in her dressing room (with broadcast hostess Deborah Voigt waiting at the door) until the very last call for places. As Voigt trailed her while she charged for the stage, Voigt asked if she had any words for her HD audience. She replied:
I tell them what I say before every performance: Let's go out an kick some ass!
If that language is good enough for Matilla, it's good enough for me!

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