Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Has Mozilla Got Against Printers?

For all of my ongoing frustrations with Safari (which, in my mind, has become a leading contender as poster child for Apple software development incompetence, competing fiercely with OS X itself), I realize that there is still a major obstacle from my bailing on the damned thing and going back to Firefox. That obstacle seems to be Mozilla's institutional commitment to avoid working on any software dealing with interfaces to printers. I gather from comments that I have seen on CNET that this is a high-level corporate decision; but those tools also observe that it amounts to blowing off those users who need powerful enterprise software tools. There is, of course, a work-around. I can print everything to PDF and then decide from there what I want in hard-copy; and, if Safari continues to get worse, I may yet have to do this (at which time I may find out whether or not it is still the case that Firefox crashes whenever I try to download large images).

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