Sunday, August 11, 2013

Non-Local Interest

While I enjoy the writing I do for many of the articles on my national site, I am still willing to admit that it does not attract a lot of readers. This makes me curious as to what sort of a reader base I have, however small it may be, and what seems to attract attention. According to Google Analytics, the article that attracted the most number of hits over the last week was my piece about the recent release of the complete works of Pierre Boulez, given the somewhat provocative title "Are we ready for the complete works of Pierre Boulez?"

I was glad to see this attention, so I decided to pull up the graphic display of my current demographic distribution. This is a snapshot I just took:

This seems to indicate that interest in Boulez is relatively narrowly defined. In the United States it is very much bi-coastal, suggesting that he has still not caught on in "middle America." Europe, on the other hand, is far more sympathetic, as is Sydney. On the other hand the large blue circle in the tropics is Makati City in the Philippines. I never thought there were many Boulez enthusiasts there, so they may be reading other articles!

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