Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Every morning I tend to read my Al Jazeera English feeds before those from BBC News. There are fewer of the former, so my decision provides me with at least one sense of prioritization. This morning, however, it was not until I got to the BBC feed that I read of the launch of Al Jazeera America in the channel slot that used to be held by Current TV. I have yet to see any mention of this on Al Jazeera English. For that matter, I have no idea if I shall ever get to see Al Jazeera America programming. According to the BBC, they have yet to sign an agreement with Time Warner Cable (which, right now, puts them in a class with CBS and Showtime). My own service comes from Comcast, which was not mentioned. I plan to check out the channel previously allotted to Current TV. Through my Comcast connection, I was able to find out when the connection to the BBC World Service News channel would begin; so I am hoping that, in this case, Comcast will be more informative than my Web resources!