Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Memorable Tenth Anniversary

Ten years ago yesterday (February 12) in San Francisco, then Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the county clerk to issue same-sex marriage licenses. By a curious coincidence, my wife and I had closed on the purchase of a unit in Opera Plaza (from which we could see the dome of City Hall). We were living in Palo Alto at the time, but we wanted a place in the Civic Center to avoid long drives back to Palo Alto after concerts and operas. The weekend following Newsom's order was our first full weekend spent at the new place.

What I remember most was the number of people lined up at the entrance to City Hall. Linda had heard the news, and she asked if we should go down to give them coffee. I asked if she realized how many there were. I also remember that we spend part of the weekend at a revival screening of The Battle of Algiers at the Castro. There was no way to describe the extent of the party atmosphere throughout the Castro. Just going somewhere for coffee made you part of at least one wedding party.

I shall always remember this curious overlap of events and the way in which it served to welcome us to life in San Francisco.

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