Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sarah Crompton "Gets It!"

In last Tuesday's "Children in Museums" post, I called out Ivan Hewitt over the fact that the word "parent" appeared only once in his "Should children be banned from museums?" article for the London Telegraph and that the sentence in which it appeared was not even his own. Consequently, this morning I was very glad to see a "response piece" by Sarah Crompton in the Telegraph that reinforced the proposition that this was a problem of parenting rather than a problem with the children themselves. Crompton did not go quite as far as I did with the hypothesis that bad parenting is just another symptom of life in a market-driven society. My guess is that she is more charitable than I am, believing that parents will improve their behavior if the problem is called to attention. Personally, I find this about as naive as Galileo's belief that he would prevail over the accusations of the Inquisition simply with the powers of pure logic!

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