Saturday, April 5, 2014

Parts of What?

Back when McDonald's first introduced chicken "nuggets" into its menu, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) went on an advertising offensive. McDonald's claimed the "nuggets" were made from chicken "parts;" and KFC ran an ad with the slogan "parts is parts" to suggest (but not assert) that the "nuggets" were not "real" chicken. Since then the nuggets have caught on and can now be purchased as frozen food. In fact Tyson Foods packages five-pound bags of nuggets with a label declaring them as "white meat chicken." Unfortunately 75,000 pounds of those bags at Sam's Club outlets across the country had to be recalled. It turned out that the "white meat chicken" was intermingled with pieces of plastic that apparently got there through the automated mechanism that separates the chicken from the bone. "Parts" may be "parts;" but what is in those "parts" appears to be anyone's guess!

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