Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do My Readers Share My Tastes?

While I try very hard (even if I do not always succeed) to be equally fair to all styles of making music, I am inevitably pressed in conversation to name my preferences. These days I fall back on a simple formula: Anything before 1750 or after 1950. This morning's consultation of Google Analytics seems to suggest that the readership of my articles reflects that formula. The top item on my national site is a report of the latest uploads of videos from the San Francisco early music group Voices of Music. This is followed quite closely (at least in terms of statistical significance) by a report on two new albums of the piano music of Philip Glass that will be released later in the coming week. Needless to say, I did not hide my enthusiasm for writing either of these pieces; but I was pleased to see that such enthusiasm may have been infectious!

1 comment:

DigitalDan said...

Explains a lot. Mine tend to fall almost entirely within your excluded interval -- Mahler, big bands, . . .

There's room for us all, I guess.