Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Personalized Recommendation?

I was amused enough that The New York Times took the trouble to run a preview article about "The Demo," an "experimental" music/theater homage to Douglas Engelbart, that I took the trouble to read what John Markoff has to say, knowing full will his personal bias for all things Silicon Valley. Amused but skeptical, I then scrolled down to see what the Times had selected as "personalized recommendations." All three articles turned out to be about Robert Durst. Now, it happens to be true that both my wife and I followed The Jinx on HBO avidly. I suppose that it would not take much data mining to learn that I was an HBO subscriber, but had the Times taken the trouble to identify what I have been watching? Still, I have to admit that these were probably better recommendations than anything having to do with the Game of Thrones preview event at the War Memorial Opera House (which I had to endure only by being across the street at Davies Symphony Hall)!

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