Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Is Condi Taking Notes?

I could not find anything on their Web site; but, when I was listening to my BBC radio feed this morning, I heard that Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni (who, if she does not chew nails for breakfast, probably snacks on a few before any public statement that she makes) informed Ehud Olmert that she would oppose him if he did not resign from his position in response to his current crisis of confidence. This is a far cry from Henry Kissinger, who went to great (some would say extraordinary) lengths to distance himself from the White House once it was clear how many Watergate chickens were coming back to roost. On the other hand we should not confuse Tzipi with John Dean and his courageous cancer-on-the-Presidency confrontation with Nixon. Back on February 15 the BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour addressed the question of whether Tzipi would be the next Prime Minister of Israel; so, given the general reputation that foreign ministers have, we should not assume that her actions stem from the most elevated of interests! I just wonder whether or not Condoleeza Rice is taking notes on how the future of her Israeli counterpart is now unfolding in Israel's time of crisis; and, if she is taking notes, how she might use them over the coming months!

By way of a post script, I just checked the Al Jazeera English site, where they have an explicit item dealing with Tizipi's confrontation with Olmert; so, once again, Al Jazeera has turned out to be a more useful source that the BBC!

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