Saturday, April 4, 2009

From One Phase to the Next

My last post about my (possible) cancer treatment was entitled "Waiting." I was in a holding pattern prior to preparation for the placement of gold markers required for my CAT scan. The markers were (presumably properly) placed yesterday; and the CAT scan has been scheduled for April 13. This happens to be the day when I plan to cover my first San Francisco State recital for (thanks to an intriguing preview piece by Scott Foglesong). However, the scan is scheduled for 10 AM; so I doubt that it will impact my alertness for an evening concert.

My anticipation that yesterday's procedure would resemble my prostate biopsy was reinforced by the preparatory information I was given, which basically covered both procedures in a single document. In terms of discomfort, I would say that the marker placement was not quite as bad as the biopsy. For the sake of thoroughness, I should point out that the enema taken a couple of hours earlier was not quite as effective as it was supposed to be, requiring the doctor to go in an finish the job with a cotton swab. That was probably the most unpleasant part, after which the procedure itself pretty much went according to plan. The only thing for which I was not prepared was a urinary leak after it was all over (and, unfortunately, after I had put on my shorts and jeans). A quick run to a bathroom provided some "damage control;" but I found myself preoccupied with tossing those items in the laundry once I got home. (Fortunately, my wife was on hand to drive me home; so I did not worry about walking, as I had originally planned to do.)

The incontinence had a disorienting effect. All I really wanted to do when I got home was lie down and rest. The rest of the day went quietly, followed by a normal dinner and a good night's sleep. Due to a warning against exercise for 24 hours after the procedure, I passed on my morning swim (which seems to be having a withdrawal effect on my mood). Otherwise, things are pretty much back to normal with no further intimations of incontinence (sorry Wordsworth)! This morning Outlook reminded me that I had not done my monthly C drive backup yesterday, but I would say having that as my only concern is a pretty good deal!

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