Monday, April 20, 2009

More Preparation

I seem to have jumped the gun last week in claiming that my radiation treatment would begin today. All they did today was take two X-rays, presumably to provide additional data to supplement the CAT scan image of the position of my gold markers. They also used the occasion to introduce me to the room where my treatment would take place (which is where the X-rays were taken), as well as the control room. The treatment itself will begin on Wednesday; and they were even kind enough to schedule my visits (each of which is supposed to take about twenty minutes) to minimize any conflicts with the Noontime Concerts™ events I am now trying to cover regularly on I was amused to find myself looking up at a "sky ceiling," dark blue with an array of little white lights at least vaguely conforming to some of the constellations. I suppose this was intended to offset the "clinical sterility" of the rest of the room; but so many of the places I have worked had that "clinical sterility" that I found that particular ambience comforting rather than disquieting. Actually, the positive feedback I received that registered the most was the news that I would not have to use the changing room; I can just uncover the affected area in the treatment room. I was not given a specific date for the end of the treatment; but I was told that it would be completed by June 17 (taking care of the question of whether or not I would have to reschedule my next dental examination).

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