Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gullible Safari

My latest entry in the litany of things that Apple cannot seem to get right has to do with the dreaded pop-up advertising. Safari preferences allows me to check a box that says "block pop-up-windows." It might as well say "Whistle 'Dixie' while playing the piano accompaniment with your toes." Netflix and all the others of their ilk seem to have found a way to thwart this, and Safari's response is either laughably pathetic or just an example of a perverse semantic interpretation of "block." The windows are there, but they generally hide behind the main Safari window, where, unless they are explicitly deleted (which can only be done one at at time), they will proliferate like the rats of Hamelin. I have no idea whether or not the blocking capabilities of either iPhones or iPads is any smarter, but this seems to be yet another example of why Apple does not seem to care about any of its customers who are trying to get any real work done.

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