Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Fight Against Affordable Health Care Continues

Those who continue to oppose the efforts of President Barack Obama to provide affordable health care to all American citizens have still not yet given up their fight. Indeed, according to a Reuters report this morning by David Morgan, they are just ramping up for the next attack. Here are Morgan's opening sentences:
Eight months before President Barack Obama's health care law goes prime time, a confederation of industry and business groups is ramping up its lobbying apparatus for an 11th-hour assault on the web of new taxes and regulations. 
Medical device makers, health insurers, retailers and restaurants are waging what lobbyists call a coordinated effort to gain Senate Democratic support for overturning $130 billion in taxes that will be used to fund the new law, and repealing a mandate requiring employers to provide insurance coverage for full-time workers or pay a fine.
Note that second paragraph summarizing those interest groups that oppose Obama's reform efforts. Note also the absence of doctors (not to mention patients). Indeed, even hospital administrator's are absent from the list. The bottom line is that, in our brave new world in which innovation (whether it involves products or financial transactions) is all that matters, there is a general consensus that illness is more profitable than health. Because these people have enlisted powerful lobbying support, we can all look forward to lives of sickness and malnutrition such as we have previously identified only with "undeveloped" countries, all in the interest of those seeking out further avenues for "economic development."

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