Saturday, November 5, 2016

CODAME will Present an “Exposition” of Technology-Based Art at Hotel Zetta

On the About Web page on its Web site, CODAME unabashedly describes itself as “A bunch of peeps with a thing for Art and Technology!” They have created over 50 projects based on the collaborative efforts of artists and technologists and have held over 60 events to present the results of those projects since 2009. The next event to be presented will take place on Friday at the end of next week. Its title is Artificial Experiences, and it will be sort of an exposition of music, art installations, and performances, all of which are products of the kinds of collaborations that CODAME encourages and supports. Those attending will not only be able to see these products presented but also meet the artists and learn about their work.

I found out about this show from Bill Hsu, one of the more innovative free improvisation jammers I have encountered in my efforts to report on “bleeding edge” activities. Hsu has done some fascinating work on interactive sound generation through which he can perform free improvisation jamming with acoustic instrumentalists. However, when I saw him in such a combo at the Center for New Music in September of 2014, he took his contributions up a notch by improvising on interactive animation software, expanding the usual sense of a jam session into an audio-visual experience.

Hsu’s contribution is but one of many that will be part of Artificial Experiences. The full agenda, taken from the CODAME Web site, is as follows:
  • ModBod by CODAME Labs
  • Illy by Yagiz Mungan
  • Mass Migrations by Marpi
  • DeepDreamVisionQuest by Gary Boodhoo
  • A Flourish of Tiny Regrets by Bill Hsu
  • Psychometric Cinema by Ultrabianka
  • Cleverbot IRL by Wave Chair Ghost
  • Refraction Spheres by Yanling He
  • Internet of Consciousness by Elaine Cheung
  • Recurrent by Joey Verbeke and Yagmur Uyanik
  • Soft Landscapes by v21
  • Motion Graphics by Erica Anderson et al.
  • Inverse Dollhouse by Jasper Peterson and Dustin Freeman
  • Permutation by Ahree Lee
  • Holoshatter by Yosun and staRpauSe
  • Music Performance by Real DJ Heroes
The agenda for the evening will also include brief talks by the artists with Jasper Patterson serving as the emcee.

The exposition will open to the public at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 11; and it will remain open through the “symbolic” closing time of 11:11 p.m. The artist talks will begin at 8 p.m. The event will be hosted by the Hotel Zetta, which is located in SoMa at 55 5th Street. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased through Eventbrite (with a $2.37 fee) using a hyperlink on the Artificial Experiences event page. Profits from the event will be used to support artists committed to sustaining the CODAME mission.

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