Monday, November 14, 2016

The Bleeding Edge: 11/14/2016

This is a week when most of the action will be taking place, as has already been reported, at the Center for New Music. It was also supposed to be the week when the Telegraph Quartet would be performing Brett Dean’s “Eclipse” during their Old First Concerts recital on Friday. Unfortunately, that part of the program has had to be changed; and Dean’s composition will be replaced by Alban Berg’s Opus 3 quartet (the only string quartet he composed). That quartet is now over a century old (since it was composed in 1910); but it still has much to offer to the adventurous listener. That leaves only three additional events for this week’s summary, two of which are offerings from Outsound Presents. Specifics are as follows:

Wednesday, November 16, 7:30 p.m., Canessa Gallery: This will be the second of the two November shows presented in the Composers in Performance Series. Like the first concert, it will consist of three sets. The “main attraction” will be Reel Change, a group that his been playing live soundtracks for the films of David Michalak since 1995. Michalak himself plays lap steel guitar and percussion along with Andrew Voigt on winds and Tom Nunn playing his own invented instruments. They will be joined by special guest artist Tom Dimuzio on electronics. The films will be an early silent movie based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher,” Michalak’s 1987 “Not Quite Right,” and his more recent montage of Ben Lindgren’s paintings, “See What You See.” The program will also include performance artist, guitarist, and composer Alex Cohen and solo acts by two members of the Guadalajara space rock band Par Asito, Fabriccio De la Mora (who performs as Tourian) and Daniel Nuñez. The Canessa Gallery is located at 708 Montgomery Street, right on the “border” between the Financial District and North Beach. Admission will be between $10 and $20, payable at the door.

Thursday, November 17, 8 p.m., Luggage Store Gallery: The first Outsound Presents event is the next weekly installment of the Luggage Store Creative Music Series. This week will take a somewhat unique approach to solo and duo improvisation. Tom Weeks will begin with a solo on alto saxophone. He will improvise for half an hour, followed by percussionist Camille Emaille doing the same for the following half hour. For the remainder of the two-hour program, the two will improvise together as a duo. The Luggage Store Gallery is at 1007 Market Street, directly across from the Golden Gate Theatre at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street. As always admission will be on a sliding scale between $6 and $15.

Sunday, November 20, 7 p.m., The Musicians Union Hall: This will also be a week in which Outsound Presents will offer one of the occasional SIMM (Static Illusion Methodical Madness) Series concerts. This, in turn, will be the next installment in the Showcase Series programs celebrating the 25th anniversary of Edgetone Records. The program will begin with the Keith Kelly Ensemble, an improvisation group blending electronic and acoustic sounds. Kelly plays woodwinds along with Tony Obr on modular synthesizer. The group also has two percussionists, Nathan Hubbard and Brett Reed, who complement their acoustic percussion work (including vibraphone) with electronics. At 7:45 p.m. Jazz on the Line will take over the program. This group was founded in the summer of 1984 by three saxophonists, Rent Romus, Michael Sidney Timpson, and Daniel Magay. In 1993 Romus reformed the group as a platform for his own compositions and productions. Currently he is joined by vocalist Anna Kristina, pianist Stefano DeZerega, drummer Ben Leinbach, and Ravi Abcarian on bass. They will be followed at 8:45 p.m. by a solo performance by pianist Thollem McDonas. Finally, Romus will return at 9:30 p.m. with his Lords of Outland ensemble, which he created in 1994. This is a group that develops original compositions collectively. The other members are Ray Scheaffer on electric bass, percussionist Philip Everett, and Collette McCaslin playing “no-input pedals.” The Musicians Union Hall is located at 116 9th Street, near the corner of Mission Street. General admission for this special concert will be $20 with a $15 rate for students and seniors.

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