Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Gig

Those who work their way far enough down this page may have noticed that I have added SF Concerts Examiner to my What I Read list. This is actually a bit of vanity. I am now writing concert reviews and previews for, covering San Francisco as my "beat." I shall not be doing any of my (long-winded?) theorizing about music performance (or any of my non-musical topics) over there, which means that I shall now be writing on two independent sites. This will continue to be my "rehearsal studio;" and I hope to provide with more direct and specific products from my rehearsing, so to speak. The overlap between these two sites should therefore be minimal; and there may even be occasions when I hyperlink to my writing over there, just as I intend to provide articles with hyperlinks to The Rehearsal Studio when extended background material is in order.

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