Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Predation (and Perdition?) with Chutzpah

Early this month I ran a post entitled "Predatory Practices on the Internet," which concerned the plight of those so traumatized by (usually unexpected) unemployment that they become easy victims of so-called "business opportunity marketers." Like most of my posts, this did not receive much attention until this morning when I received electronic mail notifying me that "Sunny" had left a comment. Well, it turns out that the text of the comment was one of these business opportunity "pitches" that the post had attacked! Needless to say, I rejected the comment (since the post already had enough examples to make my point and had no need for potentially dangerous hyperlinks). Note, however, that I did leave Sunny's hyperlink intact, since it points to a really minimal profile (which, in turn, points to a blog with no entries). My guess is that the comment was automatically-generated spam triggered by something in the text of the post, such as that phrase "business opportunity;" and whether or not Sunny has a Blogger profile probably does not signify. However, since this seems to be a slow week, Sunny probably deserves the Chutzpah of the Week award for the blind use of a piece of software that directed potentially fraudulent spam to a blog post that was explicitly warning about such fraudulent practices! Caveat lector!

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