Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrating the Giants

Since I live in the Civic Center section of San Francisco, it did not take long for the sounds to celebration to waft up to my windows (which were open because we are finally getting our summer here).  I did not mind the noise, and it was really nice to see so many people having a good time without being destructive.  I did not go down to the Civic Center Plaza in front of City Hall, just because I am not big on crowds.  Celebration is fine though, even when it extended into this morning with Alisa Clancy’s baseball selections for her Morning Cup Of Jazz program on KCSM.  However, Alisa’s effort got me to thinking about the classical side of things, about which I happened to write yesterday on Examiner.com.  What are the chances that any San Francisco radio station will take the trouble to air Charles Ives’ 21st “study,” the one with the title “Some Southpaw Pitching?”  The day is still young;  but I suspect that, if I want to honor the Giants by listening to it, I shall have to haul out my Alan Mandel CD!

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