Friday, July 5, 2013

On Distancing Myself from Yahoo!

Last month I wrote about the fact that my decision to start using OS X Mail had led to my having fewer problems with Safari, which would often freeze up as a result of bad behavior from Yahoo! on one of the tabs. This morning, after my latest Software Update, I discovered that Yahoo! is not behaving much better with Firefox than it is with Safari. As I have been finding my way into new working habits, I realized that I had not changed my default-loaded home page on Firefox, which had been my personal home page on Yahoo! It did not take me long to discover that, as a result of going to that page whether I wanted or not, I was confronted with the dreaded spinning rainbow and the "not responding" message on the Activity Monitor! By now I have become convinced that my only connection to Yahoo! for anything should be OS X Mail knowing how to synchronize with the state of my electronic mail over there.

As a result I discovered another unanticipated consequence of the change. It used to be that, every morning, I would use my Yahoo! tab on Safari to visit The Hunger Site to make a daily click. As a result of spending less time on Web pages, that habit went into attrition. As a result, The Hunger Site is now my starting page on Firefox. Thus, if I lapse on my visits to that site, I can always rely on my Firefox "home" to remind me!

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