Monday, September 30, 2013

Mike Nicco can Look out the Window!

Last Friday I ended up ranting about how Apple's Weather widget seemed to lack the sort of input that comes from the common sense of looking out the window. Since I wrote that, I have been playing Apple's worldview off against that of the Web site for The Weather Channel. This morning, however, that common sense trumped both of those resources. In spite of what they agreed were cloudy conditions, the water droplets on my window indicated otherwise. Since it was around 5:15 AM, I knew that this was not the result of any of the work crews that have been active on my building; and, sure enough, upon closer inspection I was able to determine that both the sidewalks and Golden Gate were wet. This led me to wonder if there was any source that could reinforce what I was seeing. What I found was a video clip of Mike Nicco on the ABC7 News Web site. This did not surprise me. I usually only watch ABC7 in the evening, but I like seeing the weather report occasionally being delivered from the roof of their building. It gives the reporting a sense of immediacy that Web-based resources seem to lack.

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