Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Republicans Want You to Get Sick

As we already know, the Republicans are seizing every opportunity to demonstrate their majority advantage in both house of Congress, even if it means trumping basic common sense with extreme ideology. The latest Republican senator to take up the banner seems to have been Thom Tillis from North Carolina, who has decided to oppose the regulation requiring food workers to wash their hands after having used the bathroom. the BBC News account of this story included the following Tillis statement reported by Associated Press:
Sometimes there are regulations that maybe we want to set a direction, but then let those who are regulated decide whether or not it makes sense.
From this we can at least conclude that Tillis' understanding of personal hygeine is somewhere at the same level as his command of English grammar. Presumably, he is also a member of the Republican camp that has been opposing vaccine regulations in response to the return of measles. I guess Republicans just want us all to get sick; and, considering their policy approach towards health care, we can assume they want us to stay sick (or, perhaps, leave it to illness to get us out of their way).

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