Saturday, June 30, 2018

Plans for the 17th Annual Outsound New Music Summit

Outsound Presents has now updated the Web site for its annual New Music Summit with information about the schedule for this year. The festival will consist of five concerts on successive evenings at the end of next month. All performances will begin at 8:15 p.m., and each will be preceded at 7:30 p.m. with a Q&A session moderated by Rent Romus at which performers will talk about their work and take questions from the audience. Each concert will consist of two sets. Participants will be as follows:

Tuesday, July 24: This will be the third installment in a series called Sonic Foundry, which focuses on invented instruments. Tim Thompson will give a solo performance on his interactive audio-visual instrument, which he calls the Space Palette Pro:

from the New Music Summit Schedule Web page

He will be followed by the Pet the Tiger Inventors Collective, whose members are David Samas, Bart Hopkin, Peter Whitehead, Daniel Schmidt, Stephen Parris and Ian Saxton.

Wednesday, July 25: The program will present a night of sonic exploration entitled The Art of Noise. One set will be taken by SO AR, the duo of Shanna Sordahl (cello with electronics) and percussionist Robert Lopez. They will be followed by multimedia improviser Chandra Shukla, whose XAMBUCA involves a synthesis of auditory and visual stimuli.

Thursday, July 26: CarneyVal! will celebrate the memory of saxophonist Ralph Carney, who was active in the Bay Area music community for 28 years. The program will begin with Rubber City, a quartet with two saxophonists, David Slusser and Sheldon Brown, and rhythm provided by Chris Ackerman on drums and Richard Saunders on bass. Slusser and Saunders will then join wind players Karina Denike, Michael McIntosh, Rent Romus, and Phillip Greenlief, along with Myles Boisen on guitar and Suki O’Kane on drums to form the Ralph Carney Memorial Octet. Greenlief will provide the group with arrangements of Carney’s compositions.

Friday, July 27: Night of Stone will present a program of exploratory rock and psychedelia. CDP is probably named for the trio of Amanda Chaudhary (keyboards and synthesizers), Tom Djll (trumpet and synthesizers), and Mark Pino (drums), who will be joined by Joshua Marshall on tenor saxophone. The other group will be Dire Wolves, with a front line of Arjun Mendiratta on violin and Jeffrey Alexander on a variety of instruments, not all of which need be recognizable. Rhythm will be provided by Sheila Bosco on drum kit and Brian Lucas on bass.

Saturday, July 28: Ask the Ages will feature both locally and internationally acclaimed musicians. Cornet player Bobby Bradford will lead a quartet called Brass ’n’ Bass. He will be joined by Theo Padouvas, also on cornet, and a pair of bass players, Scott Walton and Bill Noertker. The other set will be taken by the KREation Ensemble, led by tenor saxophonist Kevin Robinson with rhythm provided by Lee Hodel on bass and Tony Gennaro on drums. They will perform with pianist Marilyn Crispell.

All concerts will take place in the Concert Hall of the Community Music Center in the Mission. The address is 544 Capp Street, which is just north of the northwest corner of 20th Street and between Mission Street and South Van Ness Avenue. Tickets are currently on sale at Early Bird prices. A Festival Pass for all concerts in $80, general admission to a single concert is $15 with reduced rates for students ($10) and seniors ($12). All tickets may be purchased online through a single Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Once again the concerts will be preceded by a special film screening. This will be the 2013 documentary The Breath Courses Through Us, which examines the New York Art Quartet, an avant-garde jazz group that was performing during the early Sixties. The screening will take place at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, July 23, in the Concert Hall of the Community Music Center. All single tickets will be $10, and they may be purchased through the same Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Finally, there will be two free events on Sunday, July 22. The annual Touch the Gear expo is a hands-on family-friendly event open to the general public. It provides an opportunity for everyone to get better acquainted with the instruments, technologies, and techniques involved in the ways music will be made during the concerts to follow. This will run for three hours, beginning at 5 p.m. It will also take place in the Concert Hall of the Community Music Center. It will be preceded earlier in the afternoon, beginning at 1 p.m., by a skatchbox building workshop led by the two skatchbox virtuosos of TD Skatchit, Tom Nunn and David Michalak. This will also be held in the Concert Hall.

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