Sunday, July 14, 2019

Outsound Presents: through August, 2019

For the first half of this month, I have been trying to keep up with Outsound Presents concerts through listings on my weekly Bleeding Edge dispatches. However, the second half of the month will be dominated by the 18th Annual Outsound New Music Summit with concerts every night between July 23 and 27, preceded by the annual Touch the Gear expo on July 21. Full details have already been provided in an article released at the beginning of last month. Meanwhile, plans have already begun to take shape for next month, making this a good time to summarize activities between now and the end of next month. This site will then be updated as further information is available; and, as always, notifications of updates will appear on the Facebook shadow site.

For those not yet familiar with Outsound, two concert series are offered. The LSG Creative Music Series takes place at the Luggage Store Gallery (LSG) on Thursday evenings beginning at (or close to) 8 p.m. LSG is located at 1007 Market Street, across from the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Street; and admission is usually on the sliding scale between $8 and $15. In general, the LSG Series provides opportunities for the full diversity of approaches to improvisation.

The second offering is the Static Illusion Methodical Madness (SIMM) Series. These concerts tend to focus on composition, rather than improvisation. They usually begin at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings. The venue is the Musicians Union Hall, located at 116 9th Street, near the corner of Mission Street. Admission is on a sliding scale between $10 and $20.

Events between now and the end of next month are as follows:

Thursday, July 18: LSG will host a two-set evening. The opening set will be duo improvisations by Golnaz Shariatzadeh on violin and Seiyoung Jang working with real-time electronics. They will be followed by The Ether Ship, whose members are Willard Van De Bogart and Lemon DeGeorge. They describe their duo as an “Electro-Ambient group creating music to explore the Universe.”

Sunday, July 21–July 27: These are the dates of the Outsound New Music Summit, whose details have already been provided.

Thursday, August 1: This will be another two-set evening at LSG. The opening set will feature the vocal improvisations of Lorin Benedict performing with violinist gabby fluke-mogul. They will be followed by the Faults trio. Jaroba plays a variety of reed instruments, some of his own invention. He will be joined by Kevin Corcoran on percussion with electronics provided by Jorge Bachmann.

Sunday, August 11: The next SIMM Series concert will also be in two sets. The opening set will be taken by the Guinea Pig quartet with a front line of two multi-instrumentalists. Tony Passarell plays different sizes of saxophones, a variety of brass instruments, and, when necessary, percussion. Rent Romus also plays multiple saxophones and percussion, to which he adds different sizes of flutes. Rhythm will be provided by Timothy Orr on drums and Robert Kullman on bass. The second set is also a quartet, this one named Fellow Hominids. In this case Cory Wright will be playing different sizes of saxophones. Rhythm will be provided by two guitarists, John Schott and John Finkbeiner, and Jordan Glenn on drums.

Thursday, August 15: This LSG concert will also be in two sets, both of which will again involve a diversity of saxophones. The Manala Chamber Ensemble consists of three saxophonists, Romus (alto, as well as flute), Heikki Koskinen (tenor as well as e-trumpet), and Tom Weeks (alto and baritone). Rhythm will be provided by Safa Shokrai on bass, and David Samas will perform vocals. The second set will be taken by the trio that calls itself Free Sax. Brian Rodvien provides percussion support for saxophonists Aaron Saul (alto) and Andrew Ferren (tenor).

Sunday, August 18: The following week will see a second SIMM Series concert. The first set will be taken by Peanut Twins, which is the trio (of course) of Curt Brown playing prepared banjo, Alex Cohen on gamba, and Kim Nucci on baritone sax. They will be followed by the latest compositions to be presented by Noertker’s Moxie, let by Bill Noertker on bass. Annelise Zamula will play both alto saxophone and flute, and remaining performers will be announced at a later date.

Thursday, August 22: This concert will present improvisations by musicians that have also established themselves as composers. The first set will be taken by Theresa Wong and will involve both vocal work and solo cello performance. She will be followed by the improvising quartet organized by bassist Rodrigo Barriga. The other improvisers will be Emily Cardwell, Patrick Talesfore Jr., and Ben Westfall.

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