Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't Forget the Baseball, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet!

Informality may be George W. Bush's strong (only?) suit; so we can appreciate why he has prepared "traditional American picnic fare" (as White House spokeswoman Dana Perino put it) for today's visit to his father's place in Kennebunkport by Nicolas Sarkozy. Still, we have to wonder whether Sarkozy may have had his heart set of traditions more consistent with Maine than with Texas. After all, ignoring lobster in Maine is a bit like ignoring crawdads along the Gulf Coast; so why is our President going so "generic" with hot dogs and hamburgers (and will be handling the barbecue duty himself)? The latest word from the BBC is that Cecilia Sarkozy will not be accompanying her husband. The official reason is that the children are not feeling well. If that is true, I hope that this was not due to lobster; but I also have to wonder if, given that the Sarkozy family has experience in traveling around the United States, maman may have decided to take "preemptive precautions" against those hot dogs and hamburgers, having eaten far too many of them while "on the road!"

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